Paroles officielles de la chanson «Amazing» : Darlene Mccoy

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Amazing"

My life my hope my strength my joy all thse things I find in you
You make me feel brand new and with you all of my dreams come true
I've seen flowers bloom before my eyes, Light blue turn to dark gray skies
These things are amazing oh yes, it's true I've even heard a bird sings it's own song
Infants grow up big and strong, but none are more amazing than you
I want to take out this time to tell you jow much I love you
Without you there would be no me, I dont know what I would do
I need to tell you that, you are all I ever need
Have I ever told you that, you mean the whole world to me
I wanna show you with my life, take every minute to live it,
as long as you're giving it....you're so amazing
Yes you are so amazing, you're simply amazing, Yes Yes...