Paroles officielles de la chanson «Faces» : Orgy

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Faces"

Verse 1: did you think i'd play these games with you? did you think i couldn't
Help it? i'm strong enough, i'm good enough. step down, step down, you're the
Big mistake. i'm loosing all control and this is my face. from here on out you
Can always count on me,
Count on me to be your enemy, enemy.
Prechorus: these are the faces (waste of time) that's why you're living proof,
This is all about you.
Chorus: you're slipping in and out of time. who are you to decide? which one of
Us winds up broken, for a lifetime? you'll never be satisfied, till one of us
Falls apart. i've had enough of this and these are the faces.
Verse 2: you've lost your golden reins, you've failed to read the signs. you'll
Find out there's no answer to your stupid ass questions. you can try and tell
Yourself that everything is all right.
Prechorus: when someone is taking all your fame. that's why your living proof
These are the faces. and i think that they're all coming after you.
Bridge: and nothing's ever all right, and nothing's ever all right the way you
Do, and nothing's ever all right, two faced and pretentious.
That's why you're living proof this is all about you.
Chorus x2