Paroles officielles de la chanson «Tell Me» : Keith Douglas Washington

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Tell Me"

Girl just relax you're hear with me
I'll be your guide to ecstasy
Cause I'm here to comfort you
Only if you want me to
I know you heard it all before
So many things you just ignored
Don't be afraid to take the chance
Girl believe me I'm the man
I want to know if it's on, tell me
Baby turn down the lights, tell me
Let me explore your body's needs
Are you with it
I want to know if it's on again, tell me
If we make love by the fireplace, tell me
Take off your clothes I'm here for play
Are you with it
Girl I see the flame of passion burning inside of you
Just open up and let me in
I'll take you where you never been
We can slow things down
If I move too fast
Baby, cause there'll be no rush
Girl when we touch
I promise you one thing
I'll never give up on your love
Let me hold you in my arms
And feel your body close to me
Tender love is what you need
Slip on something sexy lady
Cause I'm here to please you from your head to your toes
Cause' anything goes
Repeat 4x