Paroles officielles de la chanson «Won't Be Lonely Long» : Leann Rimes

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Won't Be Lonely Long"

Leave me lonely
Just don't keep me hangin' on
These sleepless nights might kill me
But what don't break me will make me strong...enough to
Get past the past in front of me
I'll have to pass some memories
I'll be all right - get by - just fine
Say goodbye and...
Bring on
The he's long gone
Done me wrong ...tears i'm
Gonna cry
When you say goodybe
Baby i
Won't be lonely long
Go on and go on with your life
Just don't waste one more minute of mine
Save your precious breath
That took mine away ...once upon a time you ahd me
Hangin' on every word
Believe everything i heard
You're leavin' sooner or later
So why keep me waiting
B@i'd be lyin'
Sayin' i ain't afraid
But fear of leavin'
Ain't no reason to stay
2004 20