Paroles officielles de la chanson «You Can't Hide Redneck» : Tracy Lawrence

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "You Can't Hide Redneck"

Billy ray mcallister jr. showed up at the reunion
Clean cut shaved decked out in armani's best
In perfect spoken english, he said now days i go by william
And he talked about his new life and money he's made out west
He tried his hardest not to be that ol' boy we all knew
Til he pulled out that earnhardt walled, on that chain
Hooked to his belt loop
You can't hide redneck
Neath a three piece suit
No starched white collar
Gonna keep it from bleedin' through
Might as well forget it
It's gonna find it's way out
You can't hide redneck
Might as well be proud
Last we all seen of sandy, she moved up to boston
Law school paid off made her a federal judge
Scotty had to go and ask her, if she still hates john
Since she lost him
She said john who, oh yeah, no i don't hold a grudge
And her honor stayed as professional as long as she could
Til she tied one on and lit into john, like we knew she would
You can't hide redneck, behind a big ol' job
A big old' cherry wood desk, sure ain't no camoflage
Might as well forget it...
Can't hide redneck in a bi