Paroles officielles de la chanson «How 'bout You» : Eric Church

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "How 'bout You"

I know where i come from
How 'bout you
I don't need baggy clothes or rings in my nose to be cool
Scars on my knuckles match the scuffs on my cowboy boots
There's a whole lot more like me
How 'bout you
I punch the clock tryin' to make it to the top
How 'bout you
Ain't got no blue-blood trust fund i can dip in to
Wish uncle sam gave a damn about the man who's collar's blue
But if he don't i'll make it on my own
How 'bout you
How 'bout you
Do you feel the way i do
To tell the truth
I think we're the chosen few
But that's just me
How 'bout you
I still say yes ma'am to my mama
How 'bout you
If i shake your hand look you in the eye
You can bet your ass it'll be the truth
I cover my heart with my hat
When they raise the red white and blue
Just like my daddy taught me
How 'bout you
I like my country rockin'
How 'bout you
Put me on a stage turn it up and i'll turn it loose
Give me a crowd that's redneck and loud
And we'll raise the roof
Hell i might stay all night long
How 'bout you
How 'bout you
How 'bout yo