Paroles officielles de la chanson «Guys Like Me» : Eric Church

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Guys Like Me"

I wear a greasy ball cap
I like my shirt untucked
Spend saturday workin' on my truck
I don't like to fight
But i ain't scared to bleed
So you best not mess with a guy like me
Cause like guys like me drink too many beers on friday after work
Our best blue-jeans have skoal rings we wear our boots to church
So rough around the edges it's hard to believe
That girls like you love guys like me
Your daddy worked at the bank
Mine worked on cars
You went to college i pulled grave yard
You must have had your pick
Of all the trust-fund types
But you came back to me and only god knows why
There's a lot of guys like me out there in a lot of little towns
Tellin' all our buddies we won't ever settle down
Say that's just the way we are
The way we'll always be
So god sends girls like you for guys like me
Thank god there's girls like you
For guys like me
2004 10