Paroles officielles de la chanson «Guitar Slinger» : Crossin Dixon

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Guitar Slinger"

Spent ten years pickin' on a six string
Workin' the bar scene
Burnin' it down to the ground
Lookin' for a sound that ain't been found - by no one else
Stickin' true to myself
So i took a highway - southbound interstate
Countin' on a big break
Tradin' my licks for tips
Learnin' to live like i never did
I was dead broke - like a bad joke
I got southern comfort runnin' through my veins
My mama was the wind - my daddy was a train
I'm the second comin' of the midnight rider
I'm a modern day old soul singer
A son of a gunnin' guitar slinger
Thought i found the right thing - sittin' in the wrong town
Out in th crowd
Throwin' all the signs with her eyes
Lookin' mighty fine in the light of a honky tonk
Just singin' along
But i never had a chance - cause after the last song
We had to get along
Down the road with the show
Doin' it again with some new friends
Under the spotlight - yeah this is my life
2005 10
Love monkey music (bmi)