Paroles officielles de la chanson «The Balloon Song» : John Berry

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "The Balloon Song"

I set a buddy of mine up on a date
I told him i'd watch his son for the day
And we had a ball playin' games, eatin' dogs
Riding rides at the county fair
I thought he was only being a kid
When we got back to my place
And he did what he did
On a balloon that he won
He wrote mama i had fun i missed you
Wish you were here
I wasn't sure what he had in mind
Til he jumped up and ran outside and
He let it go, he waved goodbye
And that seven year old had me dyin' inside
I can still see his excitement
Him pointing, and smilin' and
When it was gone as it could get
He turned and asked me
You think it's in heaven yet
I struggled hard to find something to say
Cause i knew i didn't
Have the same kind of faith
He had in his heart before i could start
He had me back inside
He went and grabbed his crayola pen
And said i bet there's a message you want to send
No doubt he was right it'd been locked
Up inside since mama said goodbye
I took that yellow balloon and wrote
Til i ran out of room then
I let it go we waved goodbye
That seven year old