Paroles officielles de la chanson «When You Go» : Tracy Byrd

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "When You Go"

The yelling and cussing
Was different this time
That's when i started to pack
There's a place where two people
Can't change anymore
And that's right about where we're at
Grabbed my favorite cd and my six pack of beer
A duffle bag full of my clothes
Didn't come here with much
Even leaving with less
Guess that's what ya get when ya go
Back when we met
I thought she was so me
And she told me i was so her
Playing that game of pleasing each other
It was so easy at first
Why when and where everything changed
At this point who cares and who knows
Last thing i want is to carry this hate
But you can't make it stay when you go
The way that it is
Ain't the way that it was
We've come to the fork in the road
No it ain't about pride
Or who's wrong or who's right
There just comes a time when you know
You'll be better off when ya go
I got caught in a moment way too surreal
I wasn't trying to stall
Just taking my steps one at a time
Taking in all the pictures on the wall
I walked in the kitchen i said i better leave
Kinda hoping she might sa