Paroles officielles de la chanson «Pledge Allegiance To The Hag» : Eric Church

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Pledge Allegiance To The Hag"

There's a little dive on a dead end road
Called the cross-eyed cricket waterin' hole
You can hear the sound of a steel guitar
And get loud and rowdy on pbr
But at the top of every hour, man you can hear a pin drop
Cause ole jack drops in a quarter
And plays merle on the jukebox...we stop and
Tip our hats and raise our glasses of cold cold beer
They say country's fading
But we're still waving that flag around here
When it's time to go you know you're welcome back
Where the people pledge allegiance to the hag
When the weekend comes and the weather's clear
There's a high spot 15 miles from here
Where you can always find a few dusty trucks
With the windows down and am up
We sit there poppin' tops shootin' bull and singin' songs
But you can bet your boots that when haggard comes on ...we
One of these days when you lay me down
And bury my bones in the cold hard ground
Just be sure you dig my grave
Within earshot of an old freight train
Don't cry for me when i'm gone
Just put a quarter in the jukebox and sing me back home and
Tip your hat and raise