Paroles officielles de la chanson «When We Were Kings» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "When We Were Kings"

I ran into bobby tucker just the other night
I pulled up a stool and we reminisced the past
It's funny how a few beers and years
Can make things larger than life
Bobby raised his glass and said here's to the fun we had
When we were kings we drove our firebirds way too fast
We drank our whiskey straight from a glass
We ran wild into the night with a chip on our shoulder
We were ready to fight
A little bit red and a litte bit green
When we were kings
Then he said what about amy
You and her were so close
I took another sip and brushed away a clue
Said bobby let's change the subject
I don't want to get into that
Let's just say the queen of my heart was no fool
B@when were kings
We held on tight but let go too soon
We broke hearts under a teenage moon
Thought we were experts on cool
But we were crazy we were fools
Innocence lost didn't mean a thing
When we were kings
When i left bobby sitting high on that barstool
I got on my old harley
And had to laugh because i knew