Paroles officielles de la chanson «Hot Mama» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Hot Mama"

You're doing all you can
To get in them old jeans
You want that body back
That you had at seventeen
Now baby don't get down
Doncha' worry about a thing
Cause the way you fill 'em out
That's all right with me
I don't want the girl you used to be
And if you ain't noticed the kids are fast asleep
And you're...
One hot mama
You turn me on let's turn it up
And turn this room into a sauna
One hot mama
Whad'ya say babe
Ya wanna
I now sometimes you think
That all you really are
Is the woman with the kids and the groceries in the car
And you worry 'bout your hips
And you worry 'bout your age
Meanwhile i'm trying to catch
The breath you take away
And believe me you still do
Baby all i see when i look at you is...
Can't imagine me loving someone else
I'm a lucky man, think daddy's got himself
2002 10
Wenonga music (bmi)