Paroles officielles de la chanson «The Farmer And The Lord» : Jim Reeves

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "The Farmer And The Lord"

While restin' one evening by the side of the road
I saw an old farmer in a field he'd just hoe'd
His face was all brown and wrinkled by the wind
And he was talking to the Lord...
Just like he'd be talking to a friend
"Well, Sir," he said in a voice calm and quiet
"Them corn tassels need sackin', but ... uh ... I got no string to tie it
Had no rain in so long, that the fields are mighty dusty
And its been so unbearable hot, that the kids are even getting fussy
Now, that grass down in the pasture should be knee-high
If we could just have a little shower, Lord,
It might keep the cow from goin' dry
Aw, but listen to me talkin'! You'd think I wasn't grateful
Why, if You didn't know me so well, Lord,
You'd think I was downright - hateful
You'd think I'd forgot about the new calf that You sent
And, the money in the mail that took care of the rent
Ma's cold's better, and Johnny's home from the Navy
And that good Sunday dinner of chicken dumplin's an' gravy