Paroles officielles de la chanson «Clear Across America Tonight» : Alabama

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Clear Across America Tonight"

Just outside of austin
I turned on my radio
Tuned it in to a satellite station
She was talkin' on a call in show
She said it was over - she'd make her choice
Her mind was made up - by the sound of her voice
Clear across america tonight
Clear coast to coast tonight
She's long gone - she's outta here
But she's comin' through loud and clear
Clear across america tonight
Sounded like he really had it coming
All the times he's done her wrong
She said, i hope he's listening
And hung up the telephone
All of a sudden - i realized
It was me she was telling goodbye
B@hello dj, put me on the air
Give me the chance to tell her i still care
Get her back on the line - tell her i'm still in love
Said, sorry son, but you're breaking up
Across america tonight
Clear across america tonight
2000 10