Paroles officielles de la chanson «Hush» : Craig Morgan

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Hush"

He's lookin' in the mirror checkin' out his hair
Puttin' on his cologne
He ain't shaved since tuesday, but tonight
Every little whisker's gone
He's goin' out with the perfect wife
But she ain't his own
Hush - can't talk about it
Hush - dance all around it
Everybody's doin' it - old and the young
Don't breathe a word - cat got your tongue
Mama makes breakfast - packs the kids lunch
And sends them on their way
Cleans up the kitchen - makes all the beds
Then loads her t.v. tray (puts the toys away)
But that ain't coffee in her coffee cup
That get her through the day
B@pretending it ain't happening won't make it disappear
Sweep it under the carpet - look the other way
But it's still here
You can hear 'em screamin' and yelling through the walls
Just another normal night
You hear glass breakin' and baby's cryin'
But it's gonna be alright
You just turn up the volume on the radio
And turn down the light (off the light)
1998 10
Mr. bubba music (bmi)