Paroles officielles de la chanson «A Lot Of Things Different» : Kenny Chesney

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "A Lot Of Things Different"

I'd a spent a lot more time
In the pourin' rain without an umbrella
Coverin' my head
And i'd a stood up to that bully
When he pushed and called me names
But i was too afraid
And i'd a gone on and saw elvis
That night he came to town
Mama said i couldn't
And i'd a went skinny dippin'
With jenny carson that time she dared me to
And i didn't
B@oh i, i'd a done a lot of things different
And i wish i'd a spent more time
With my dad when he was alive
Now i don't have that chance
And i wish i'd a told my brother
How much i loved him before he went off to war
But i just shook his hand
And i wish i'd a gone to church
On sunday morning when my grandma begged me to
But i didn't believe in god
And i wish i would've listened
When they said boy you're gonna wish you hadn't
But i wouldn't
People say they wouldn't change a thing
Even if they could
But i would
There was this blue dress
She wanted one time so bad she could taste it
I shouldn've bought it but i didn't
She wanted to paint our bedroom yellow
Trim it in blues and g