Paroles officielles de la chanson «Over Africa» : The Neville Brothers

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Over Africa"

Under kilimanjaro
She guards her young
And she speaks to the darkness
In the mother tongue
She waits and she watches
All night long
She calls to her lover
And she sings this song:
I will be there for you whatever comes
I am as constant as the beat of drums
My love is stronger than the noonday sun over africa
Over africa
It's a force of nature
It's the power of need
Love will heal you, baby
And it'll make you bleed
I will be patient
I will bide my time
I will be waiting
Like a mama lion
B@between love and money, between pride and sin
We are just wild things underneath the skin
In the cradle of creation we were made this way
Bound together 'til our dying day
It's the law of the jungle
It's the ancient truth
Live by the senses, baby
Die by the tooth
But i would walk through fire
I would swim the sea
Long as i live and breathe
You belong to me
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