Paroles officielles de la chanson «Talk To Me Texas» : Keith Whitley

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Talk To Me Texas"

It's lonely out tonight
Down here in georgia
And the oldest friend i've got
I met today
The woman that i love
Just up and left me
And the place i love's
A thousand miles away
Operator hook me up to houston
Get me anybody on the phone
Look there in your book
And pick a number
Cause you can't be choosey
When you're this alone
Won't you talk to me texas
Let me hear that drawl
I spent my last five dollars
On this one long distance call
Won't you talk to me texas
I've got these homesick blues
Tell me i can come on home to you
I've got this faded number
In my wallet
It's been in here a dozen years i know
I used to call it up
When i was lonely
Lord, that woman sure could love me so
I know by now she's probably changed her number
But if there's a chance in hell
I think i'll take it
Cause i'd love to hear that woman's voice again
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