Paroles officielles de la chanson «Ships» : Patty Loveless

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Ships"

Eddie had a few days comin'
So he took a las vegas jaunt
Out to the land of supply and demand
Where you can get anything you want
He wasn't lookin' for true love
No he didn't believe in that stuff
Eddie legrande was a hard workin' man
Who just needed a little good luck
His shoes were a little worn
And his hair was a little thin
Just another old sailor
Waitin' on his ship to come in
Lily was a two time loser
Who said that love was just a roll of the dice
She acted real tough said once was enough for me
I learned my lesson twice
But deep in her heart lived a young girl
Dreamin' a young girl's dream
And that young girl was who eddie ran into
Over by the slot machine
Her face was a little pale
Her dress was a little thin
Oh but lookin' at her was like
Watchin' his ship come in
Well he bought her a cup of coffee
With the quarters he meant to play
They went for a bite and they talked all night
Til' they'd said what they needed to say
Then they found em' an all night chapel
With a heart shaped honeymoon suite
And somewhere tonigh