Paroles officielles de la chanson «To See An Angel Cry» : Conway Twitty

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "To See An Angel Cry"

I see her ticket there on the table
And the taxi that's waitin' in the drive
And i see the suitcase and i see i'm not able
To sit here and watch her say goodbye
So i close my eyes as she walks out the door
The clock keeps on ticking, i don't know what for
I never saw it coming 'til it came apart
'til i saw the light, didn't know i was in the dark
No i never saw the pieces 'til there was nothing left to break
And i never saw the tears, 'til they ran down her face
On the kitchen counter, a recent picture
Just a random shot, i'm standing at her side
Looking at it now, how did i miss it
The sorrow that her laughter couldn't hide
Like her i'm seeing some things become clear
Only when you see them those tears
1997 20
Terilee music (bmi)