Paroles officielles de la chanson «Ice 9» : Joe Satriani

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Ice 9"

It was a big love
That's all i'm saying
Now that it's gone
Don't know if i can stay
In this town, in this county
In this state
It's a smaller world
Than i believed
I keep seeing things
I don't want to see
Like you, with him
In my place
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Under this lonesome lone star sky
And heartache's closin' in on every side
(and i know) something has to give
Someone has to move
What in heaven's name am i gonna do
Even texas ain't big enough for me and you
No dry creek bed
Could hold these tears
No honky tonk
Could pour enough beer
To drown you out
Of my dreams
There'll be no showdown
If we meet
I'll take the other
Side of the street
One more step, one more reason
I should leave
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