Paroles officielles de la chanson «Love Is Here» : Des Ree

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Love Is Here"

Back in the 1950's
At a crossroads in mississippi
A well-dressed, northern-born young black man
Walked into a store
The good old boys all made it
Obvious that they hated
The way he walked
The way he talked
And the clothes he wore
He'd heard about the burning crosses
And the bodies hanging from the tree
Though he spoke not a word
He cried out silently
You wouldn't kill me, would you?
You wouldn't kill me, would you?
Just because i'm someone you think you should despise
Don't you know that we're all precious in god's eyes?
And you wouldn't kill me would you?
Back in the 1990's
At a stop light in miami
A well-dressed, foreign-born young white man
Is looking eye to eye
At an ocean of black faces
With not one friendly oasis
Their jam box shouts
Something out
'bout making white folks die
He's heard about the drive-by shootings
And he's heard about the car-jack too
Silently he's thinking i've
Got nothing against you
So the blood flows free in europe
And the middle eastern desert
Little vignettes on a 30-inch scr