Paroles officielles de la chanson «Herald The Day» : Des Ree

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Herald The Day"

She took my truck and she took my pride
Packed it all up for a one way ride
Right out of town
I'm all broke down
She cut me loose just to watch me fall
Tiny little woman made a grown man crawl
Low to the ground
I'm all broke down
I'm broke down, can't get started
Burned out, brokenhearted
Stuck out here in this no-man's land
I'm stalled out and going nowhere
Tore up, cause i know she didn't care
It's all over now
And i'm all broke down
We were rolling esay down that smooth blacktop
Fueled by desire we were never gonna stop
I don't know how
We broke down
I've torn it all apart trying to look at all the whys
The whos and whereabouts the truth and the lies
But all i've found is i'm just broke down
1994 20
Four sons music (ascap)