Paroles officielles de la chanson «Merry Go Round» : Neil Diamond

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Merry Go Round"

It's a hot houston night
The moonlight's dancin out on galveston bay
This broken heart's hopin
Some shootin stars list'nin' to what i say
One more wish is fadin out fast, and
Just as sure as the sun's gonna shine come mornin
I'll make you mine one of these days
They say once in a while a crazy dream comes true
Once in a wild texas moon
That ol midnight train bound for abilene
Sounds like he's singin the blues
When he rolls back to town
Guess i'll go on down and show him a thing or two
Now you might call me a crazy fool
But there ain't no gettin over you, and
B@feels like a million miles of distance
Between your heart and mine
And the path of least resistance
Would be to move it on down the line
Aw but you know i ain't that kind
Once in a while, once in a wild texas moon
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House of tears