Paroles officielles de la chanson «The Window» : Leonard Cohen

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "The Window"

Well you told me you were leaving him
You'd finally had as much as you could take
So we planned the perfect getaway
And talked about the new life we would make
And how we'd leave behind our sorrow
Like the smoke cloud and the dust of a long gone train
I knew he'd try to keep you
If he saw that leaving look was in your eye
I said once again he'd find some way
To make you stay and give him one more try
But you said this time would be different
You just had to see him once more to explain
We'd be just about to georgia
I'd be yours and you'd be mine
On our way to paradise
Leaving what we used to be behind
Oh we'd be flying down the highway
Free as any two birds in the sky
We'd be just about to georgia
If i hadn't let you stop to say goodbye
There's no such thing as should have
There's only what we did or didn't do
And it's hard to give up on your dream
Even when you know it won't come true
So i wait here and watch the door
Even though i should give up and go