Paroles officielles de la chanson «Father Of Night» : Bob Dylan

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Father Of Night"

Grandma played piano with a twinkle in her eye
She'd let me climb up on the bench and sit there by her side
Then mama in the kitchen would start to sing along
And the rest of the family would join in on the song
Good ole family harmony
Is something you can hear and see
Hand in hand it's good to be
In family harmony
Brother bobby and daddy just could not get along
Like the prodigal son bobby ran away from home
When he over-came his pride and came back to the farm
Daddy welcomed him back home that day with open arms
Take the children of your enemies and put em' with your own
Set them in a room and leave them there alone
Soon they'd be playin' as if nothing was wrong
It's a shame we can't learn from them how to get along
Heart to heart we all should be in family harmony
Lord when will the whole world be in family harmony
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