Paroles officielles de la chanson «Piano Song» : Erasure

Chanson originale : Piano Song
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Piano Song"

Staggered in at four in the morning
Left a trail of clothes on the floor
When my head hit the pillow
She hit the ceiling
And at five a.m. my woman hit the door
Ain't no way i'll ever forget her
Ain't no way i'll ever get her back
I keep thinking someday
She'll come back to stay
But not today there just ain't no way
I called her over at her mothers
I said hon i miss you everyday
I'm so all alone
But if you'd come home
I'd be okay but she said there ain't no way
I should go and find a new lover
At least that's what my friends all say
Forget her and learn to love another
But my heart keeps telling me there ain't no way
1987 cross keys publishing co., inc.
Carey a tune