Paroles officielles de la chanson «Might As Well Be On Mars» : Alice Cooper

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Might As Well Be On Mars"

Jim carter
A warm summer playground white clouds and blue skies
The touch of small hands the look in young eyes
Two freckle faced children both tanned by the sun
She picks some flowers then hands him just one
When it's real
It's felt in a heartbeat
When it's true
It's easy to learn
Everything else can get complicated
But love can always be stated
In simple terms
A man and a woman they lie face to face
There's no way to hide in this time and place
He looks in her soft eyes and she sees his soul
With one gentle kiss somehow they know
A walk in the twilight the moon on grey hair
He whispers i thank you for the life that they've shared
They walk on in silence they're still hand in hand
There's no need to talk 'cause they both understand
1991 tree publishing co., inc.
Kybama music inc.
Warner tamerlane music publishing
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