Paroles officielles de la chanson «Julie Paradise» : Screaming Trees

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Julie Paradise"

You came in tonight cussin' and complainin'
You're all up tight 'cause the house is a mess
I've gotta' set you right let me do some explaining
I'm sorry baby but i must confess
I ain't a home maker i'm a love maker
I ain't a home maker i'm a love maker
We started out having such a high time
Fooling around playing cat and mouse
You oughta' know by now it's just a waste of my time
Washing the clothes and cleaning the house
Honey i don't do windows
I've never mopped a floor
But i've got something cookin'
I know you're hungry for
So send out for some champagne
Let's tear up the place
And when our party's over
You can call a maid
Take your laundry to the cleaners
Get a cook to keep you fed
I'm not the kind to bring you
Breakfast in bed
You say what's for supper
How about some take out
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