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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Heartbroke Out Of My Mind"

I'm flyin' high and feelin' low
Drinkin' hard and dancin' slow
I'm gonna shine my buckle to george jones
Heartache's hot on my heels
Bartender the race is on
She's gone for good and i'm goin' to town
I'm gonna' live it up livin' her down
Jose' pick me up and get on my feet
So i can scoot a boot
To that two four juke box beat
I'm heartbroke out of my mind
Pardon me boys i'm get a little out of line
It's just temporary insanity
Til' i get over what she did to me
I'll be heartroke out of my mind
B.y.o.t. i brought my own trouble tonight
I'm gonna' get being done wrong down right
Saddle me up boys i'm goin' in
They say when you fall off get right back up again
Lead ride
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