Paroles officielles de la chanson «I Don't Want To Know» : Gladys Knight

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "I Don't Want To Know"

I've heard it all before
And love is a two-way street
You have to give everything to this relationship
I'm all out of understanding
It's always something with you
And all I've gotta say is...
Gave you the best
Best years of my life and
I gave you a woman
Who stood by your side
Through all your ups and downs
Your rights and all your wrongs
And God knows they were wrong
I should've been long gone,
But when I made you that promise
For better or worse I said I'd
Stay by your side
I swallow my pride
And now your asking me to understand
And I'm telling you I can't
Why should I care about your feelings
When you don't give a damn about mine
Well I don't want to know
I couldn't care less about your feelings
Don't you know
You should've cared more bout mine
And I don't want to know
It really doesn't matter why you're leavin'
You should know you're really throwin' away your life
And I won't sympathize
You've hurt me for the last time
Got no tears left to cry