Paroles officielles de la chanson «Sea Of Cowboy Hats» : Chely Wright

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Sea Of Cowboy Hats"

I've been out there seven dances in a row
Yea the band's so hot they won't play nothin slow
Stetsons and wrangler jeans
Are floodin through the door
And it's sink or swim as soon as you hit the floor
I'm dancin in a sea of cowboy hats
Shoulder to shoulder and back to back
Two steppin fools as far as the eye can see
They're ridin the wave on that sawdust floor
Rockin the boat from shore to shore
So jump right in cause this is where it's at
In the sea of cowboy hats
Feel free to scrape your boots till they've worn holes
You won't get far in here with rubber soles
The place is packed and we're puttin on a show
In over our heads caught up in the flow
1993 tree publishing co., inc.
Ben hall music