Paroles officielles de la chanson «Four Holy Photos» : Hockey

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Four Holy Photos"

Hold up a picture of a highway and a picture of a home/ And a
Picture of some money and a picture of some bones all together/ All
In a row/ Out of all those pictures you'll only notice one/ But it's
Really not important no it's no more than a fortune it just shows/
What doors are open/
If you looking at the home then your feet are scared/ Looking at the
Road then you're going to feel restless for awhile, for awhile, yeah
For awhile/ If you're looking at the money then you benefit from the
Army/ Looking at the bones then you've got some saintly reasons in
Your eyes, yeah in your eyes, in your eyes...
Chorus: This is the song, this is the song, the song of 4 holy
Photos/ You can never look into your own eyes it's the second
Closest you'll get.
There's a settlement of foreigners in a land that they can't see/
Where the birds are always singing and the water runs clean but all
These things/ Told them nothing. There's a make shift church and
There's a hand that pulls a rope/ And the rope swings the bells and
They ring into the trees and make an echo/ And it never stops/ So I
Hung up those pictures in that foreigners place/ Where the mood was
A little nervous but they thought they had a reason enough to stay/
So they stayed.
And no one when they looked could even see the bones at all/ The
Leaders took the money and the others took the call of the road, yes
And the home, and no one argued/ But there was one of them who did
And he spoke of what he say/ It ruined his reputation he was labeled
As a misfit yeah you know, that's just what saint's, get sometimes...