Paroles officielles de la chanson «Put The Game Down» : Hockey

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Put The Game Down"

No I won't turn away, I wont turn away, If you only take it all the
And no I won't turn away, I won't turn away, but only for a few more
Pre Chorus
Aw cuz I, still don't know how your game goes. And I'm almost out
The door so...
Baby put the game down/ I'm gonna be your man alright/ Just put the
Game down/ gonna work it out out tonight/ You know you've got to
Give up/ The masquerade style's got no place/ For my futuristic
Goals that i've got/ For me and my fate uh uh uh uh
Tears/ Go the juvenile fears/ Hanging on to the edge of your formal
Years. Have I ever met you no/ And the stars/ They go shine and
Shine/ The music goes and goes all night/ But have you ever met me no.
Pre Chorus
Why don't you try believing me harder/ Let's make it quick/ Or you
Remember all your fears and doubts/ Oh oh yeah
So, even though you won't be easy to miss/ Like the sun catching
Something or the first Jewish princess I was dared to kiss/ Have I
Ever met you no/ By now I'm almost done with anything I want/
Nothing hurts an artist like wasting time on anyone at all/ So why
Would you go pretend?/
Pre Chorus