Paroles officielles de la chanson «The Obscenity Prayer» : Rodney J Crowell

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "The Obscenity Prayer"

Give to me my time and money
Give to me my milk and honey
Give to me my self repsect
Golden chains around my neck
Give to me my super model
Boxter porsche and champagne bottle
Get me out there on the town
Let me spread my wealth around
I could learn to love this life i lead
Just don't take away the things i need
I feel rosey in the pink just don't make me stop and think
All those dark thoughts in my head seem like better left unsaid
Give to me give to me
Give to me my latest fashion
Make my lover burn with passoin
Give to me my charm and wit
Keep my body young and fit
Give to me my haute couture
Give the world a cancer cure
Serve my breakfast au frescoe
Let he wine and liquor flow
I can search for truth some other time
Right now i just want to get what's mine
Let the gangst's rule the street
While teachers try to make ends meet
I despise all bleeding hearts i don't patronize the arts
Give to me give to me
Give to me my aspen winter
Sorry 'bout the world trade center
I can't help the ones in need
I've got my own mouth to feed