Paroles officielles de la chanson «T.g.i.f.» : Lonestar

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "T.g.i.f."

Monday was a bummer, tuesday was another day
They could've left outta the week
Wednesday nearly got me, thursday all but stopped me
I was broken down and beat
But i started feelin' strong, when friday finally came along
T.g.i.f., know what that means
Get down to the beach a.s.a.p.
Yeah, there's gonna be a party goin' all weekend
Polynesian polly, and her parrothead friends
Gonna stay until there's not a pina' colada left - t.g.i.f.
Yeah there ain't no stoppin', once the band starts rockin'
With those shaker thangs and big steel drums
Don't worry half as much about the tide risin' up
As we do 'bout gettin' low on rum
So bury me in the sand, put a frozen drink in my hand
2003 10