Paroles officielles de la chanson «I'm The Lucky One» : Mark Selby

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "I'm The Lucky One"

You roll the dice
you place your bet
your winning streak
still ain't over yet
that dark eyed girl
blows you a kiss from across the room
you cash your chips
pockets overflowing
you're so rich nobody tells you no
nobody, nobody got it made like you
chorus: you got it good
i got it better
i got a love
i can't forget her
think what you will
say what you want
i'm the lucky one
i'm the lucky one
i serve it up
you drink it down
with all your new friends
you buy the rounds
toss me some money
say hey buddy
hey buddy you can keep the change
well i can use it
what you don't know
is i got somethin'
worth more than all you own
and she'll stand by me
oh, she's still gonna love me
even if i lose the game
repeat chorus 2x
i'm the lucky one