Paroles officielles de la chanson «Colorado» : Chris Ledoux

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Colorado"

I look out to the east tof the colorado sky
The canyons are throwin' dust in the storms eye
And the storms gettin' angry, i know that it's so
It's fixin' to blow away a little more of colorado
It seems to be a twister as the clouds begin to cry
And there goes mama's clothesline a'leavin' on the fly
And here comes the raindrops ten thousand fold
It's gonna wash away our little part of colorado
The mules are gettin' restless, it's hard to keep 'em, shied
Don't they know they've bot to get us to the other side
The fence is fallin' down and the barns about to go
As i watch the storm take away my part of colorado
Most of all we want out lives and that's a fact
And what little we're takin' the wind wants it back
Run mama run and try to get the mules to go
And god help us get the hell away from colorado
1970 10