Paroles officielles de la chanson «Like The Sun» : Marc Jordan

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Like The Sun"

You asked am i beautiful.  you asked am i still the one and i could feel my life begin to change.  there inside your eyes i saw the secret garden of your pain.  there were gypsies there were acrobats and sampson locked in chains.  but you're like the sun.  i can feel you on my face.  like the sun.  somewhere in the algebra of love i fell just like a star.  somewhere throught the strings of my guitar.  take your time and make it right.  take my hand and hold on tight.  we'll walk down sunset boulevard tonight.  cause you're like the sun.  you said it's all but for the grace of god i go.  all the roads lead back to where it started to become unraveled in the air.  in taxi cabs on boulevards.  and hands as small as the rain.  i walk with you in the morning rain.  hold your hand. hold your pain.  oh baby you're like the sun to me.  come to you when day is done.  told the clouds told every one.  oh baby you're like the sun to me.