David Byrne

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Chansons hors album
A Million Miles Away
And She Was
Artists Only
Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)
Big Daddy
Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
Broken Things
Burning Down The House
City Of Dreams
Creatures Of Love
Cross-Eyed And Painless
Democratic Circus
Desconcido Soy
Don't Worry About The Government
Dream Operator
Eggs In A Briar Patch
Electric Guitar
Everyone's In Love With You
First Week Last Week Carefree
Found A Job
Gangster Of Love
Girlfriend Is Better
Give Me Back My Name
Hanging Upside Down
Happy Day
Help Me Somebody
Hey Now
His Wife Refused
I Get Wild/wild Gravity
I Want To Live
I Wish You Wouldn't Say That
I Zimbra
I'm Not In Love
Life During Wartime
Lifetime Piling Up
Like Humans Do
Listening Wind
Love For Sale
Love--> Building On Fire
Making Flippy Floppy
Memories Can't Wait
Mommy Daddy You And I
Moon Rocks
My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)
New Feeling
No Compassion
Now I'm Your Mom
Once In A Lifetime
Papa Legba
People Like Us
Psycho Killer
Pull Up The Roots
Pulled Up
Puzzlin' Evidence
Radio Head
Ruby Dear
Sax And Violins
Seen And Not Seen
Slippery People
Something Ain't Right
Stay Hungry
Sugar (Gimme Some)
Sugar On My Tongue
Television Man
Tentative Decisions
Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
The Accident
The Big Country
The Book I Read
The Cowboy Mambo (Hey Lookit Me Now)
The Girls Want To Be With The Girls
The Good Thing
The Great Intoxication
The Lady Don't Mind
The Moment Of Conception
The Revolution
Totally Nude
Twistin' In The Wind
U.b. Jesus
Uh Oh Love Comes To Town
Walk It Down
Walk On Water
Warning Sign
What A Day That Was
Who Is It?
Wild, Wild Life
With Our Love