Paroles officielles de la chanson «Misty» : Joncha

Chanteurs : Joncha
Compositeurs : Jean-Charles Schwartzmann
Auteurs : Jean-Charles Schwartzmann
Éditeurs : Atmo Songs
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Misty"

The Boogeyman’s soul haunts your girlfriends
So you bet stay awake and you guys behave gentle
Remember the times when you were liars
Instead of your eyes in your holes were two guns

All they taught you is a non-sense
Raise your weapons, flip your mind and take your chance
You have the right to give them a slap
Ask the boogeyman
To kick some butts and shout out loud
Free to become murderer every single morning
Cause you hate your hairdo, your old cloths and your skin

I am higher
A disaster
When I am upside down
Unraved like a ball of yarn
I’m erotic
So erotic
I fuck you whenever
I’m a supa monster

Let’s go let’s go
Show me you’re the man
If you’re strong as you pretend, bring the golden dream in my hand
Let’s go say skål
Drink a shot of schnaps
Then split the fire that will make us start

As Misty talked to the audience
A thick and gloomy smog started to surround us
We became lovers, we became fighters
We screamed as one voice

We got you