Paroles officielles de la chanson «Tiny Little Bird» : Joncha

Chanteurs : Joncha
Compositeurs : Jean-Charles Schwartzmann
Auteurs : Jean-Charles Schwartzmann
Éditeurs : Atmo Songs
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Tiny Little Bird"

We’re back from a nameless world
With the drawnings of a new bright sky
And our eyes’re an army of suns
We do breath as breath the oceans

If you search for the jare of light
Get ready to be brave and damned
And if the world takes the colours of the night
You will climb up cliffs and creep in the dirt

Come on tiny little bird
Your blue soul covers the world
Check your feathers
Blow up the world

Feed us with everything you’ll find
Let us drink the water from the fall
Raise us as an army of birds
Ready to fly all over the world