Paroles officielles de la chanson «No Worries» : We Are Me

Compositeurs : Harold Philippon, Darryl Jordan Jr
Chanteurs : We Are Me
Auteurs : Darryl Jordan Jr
Éditeurs : Atmo Songs
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "No Worries"

Verse 1:

Determination , Motivation a perfect illustration
Painted from the mental piece that I had painted
Chill, while I take time to figure where this day went
Thoughts roam underground , like an insect in the
Basement , i'm Rembrandt , Napoleon
Lost in the goal i'm in, In hopes the show will never
End, please , please , a billion encores
A billion on board from the best known recording
Life on transition, when they treat you so important
Calling back after they know your ass ignoring
Just to speak , bitches pay for it , and now it's on


But when the bright lights, go on , everybody
Treat you like a star
No worries, be calm on they ass
No worries, be calm on they ass
No worries, be calm on they ass

Verse 2:

I'm at a sure firm decision, it's getting more
Far competitive in this business
Just to think our generation is the generation
That did this, who would of ever thought
I land position in this business
Everyday like fitness , with or without bars
To ease the pain long grass like the front yard
I need a go yard, I need to trunk things
Wanna monopolize need a Donald Trump
Way , little ol' nigga through a few hallways
Turn a life of smoking and recording to a long
Workday , so how you hate me? If I do what I
Love , maybe you should do the same thing