Paroles officielles de la chanson «When The Rain Comes» : We Are Me

Compositeurs : Harold Philippon, Darryl Jordan Jr
Chanteurs : We Are Me
Auteurs : Darryl Jordan Jr
Éditeurs : Atmo Songs
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "When The Rain Comes"

Verse 1:

A few legends probably rolling in they grave
One's that's retired, wish they could un retire
The game tube tied , to wired and i'm on a roll
Bout to birth some new shit, now what the fuck
To do with , when rappers is nuisance , tryna
Bring some new sense , they brag about they
Two whips, chains and they new bitch, Sylverstone
Cluless , tryna spring and blossom out my
Motherfucking two lips , all around the world
Speaking for the known, sometimes I feel i'm
The only one that knows, that when you like
Atlas tryna hold up the globe, that you can
Hear the pain from the on going souls
So I be speaking for them, better light
Than shining dark, trying to implicate what they
Call the better smarts, so when the puzzle of the
Game find it's part you know the piece is where I
Find my heart ? When the Rain COme

Hook :

When the rain comes
Legends ain't gon' die for nothin
I'll make sure it's for something
When the rain comes
When you hear that sound keep running
It's a billion fucking miles will be drumming