Paroles officielles de la chanson «The Perfect Route» : We Are Me

Compositeurs : Harold Philippon, Darryl Jordan Jr
Chanteurs : We Are Me
Auteurs : Darryl Jordan Jr
Éditeurs : Atmo Songs
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "The Perfect Route"

Verse 1:

Yawning , yawning , feeling a foreign
Prolly cause I am, probably bout to land
Doing what I want , while you doing what you can
Sucks! flavored botany, not a flavored drink in
The cup, cause i'ma live it up, up woah
Probably on the top 10 video, later night
Jimmy Kemmel , like Aresenio
Promise , you ain't seen it like this before
Meetings at Rue Du Lourve ,
Emperor T catch me in a new groove
Kick ass brad P with the Chun Li shoes


From the route i'm going
Seem like its perfect don't it?
Things really going my way
And you ain't doing nothing
No way, no way, no way
And you ain't doing nothing
No way, no way, no way

Verse 2:

I ain't worried bout shit, working on a grammy
And a brand new crib, i'll probably save the
World soon, i'll probably mean the world to them
Honorary , probably die as a tycoon , for weathering
My thoughts like a typhoon, grown up big
Giant goliath , when streaming through the itunes
Haters probably wish I die soon, they just mad
I'm giving what they done tried doing uh!
Improving , you'll never stop losing
From the day I put my shoe in , the winners route
I'm choosing!



As I keep elevating , toward an evolution
A heavy contribution to this music ,
I hope that we influence for you to do shit
So live