Paroles officielles de la chanson «One Day» : We Are Me

Compositeurs : Harold Philippon, Darryl Jordan Jr
Chanteurs : We Are Me
Auteurs : Darryl Jordan Jr
Éditeurs : Atmo Songs
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "One Day"

Verse 1:

Feel like i'm in a race man
Running a race with myself
And i don't know whose loosing
That's a crazy conclusion
How do you sit, when the whole
World tryna weigh a nigga back
Like an elf, how do you hold ya
Self up , uh through stress duh
Pussy, marijuana , smoke from
The night to the morning
Always wanted to be Fonzie
Really knew life change when I got
Money now, Just wanna be a loner
Sometimes just wanna be a loner
Sometimes don't wanna be grown up
Sometimes don't wanna be a grown up un


I wake up on sunday , feels like it's monday
Where do I go? Where do I go ?
Oh will make it one day, will make it one day
Nobody knows, nobody knows
( doo da d doo daah doo da d d ah) x2

Verse 2:

I ain't askin for sympathy
I'm a man thats life, how it's meant to be
Tryna find the extra cords God keep adding to his
Symphony , let it play out, let it strum good
See life's a musical in my world
When you ain't got nothing else to do
Not standing for hand out , just wanna take
My fam out, to lunch or brunch
Nigga never home gotta eat on the run
Always in the air so you hit me when i'm done
Thats why i'm a loner , thats why i'm a loner
Ever since i've grown up , ever since i done grown up