Paroles officielles de la chanson «In The Air» : We Are Me

Compositeurs : Harold Philippon, Darryl Jordan Jr
Chanteurs : We Are Me
Auteurs : Darryl Jordan Jr
Éditeurs : Atmo Songs
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "In The Air"

Verse 1:

Alone in this iddy biddy world
Feel cool being little on ol' me
Thats why , i'm so free wouldn't
Pay a cent for ya thought , no siree
Thats wild, coo coo, wozers
Birthed from the concrete but
Grew into a flower
While life keep spinning by the hours

It's something, It's something
In the air, slowing them down

Verse 2:

Now tell me you don't want that position
Splinters in ya ass, from every game
You sitting, now thats the correlation to benchin'
Don't it hurt ? Life get worrisome you don't
Never work, you really no pain, you don't know
Hurt, what the fuck you wining bout ?
Get on nigga! what the fuck the timing bout ?
Get homes nigga! When everybody made figures
You justified as the regular nigga, now don't that
Lie form to motivation? This is Emmit Smith
Killing Walter Payton , God over satan
Moving on pacing , you can not erase it for
Every thought I process is a facelift
For seeing what's idolized in the matrix
That's the reason why niggas will never make it