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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Covered Of Dust"

Covered of Dust

You are better than the posters on the wall of my room
It’s hard to be like you
It’s seems like you’ve never been true
You’re both one and one thousand
You take life as a game
Even if it’s not always fun
You always deny your fame

What are the chords ? What are your boots ?
Should I stop speaking when you become mute ?
Your amazing songs
Are both fine and wrong
‘Cause when it cleans up my brain
I won’t be able to stand them

You are the ghost of the past
Or of a far away town
But I could well meet you
Before that I’m beneath the ground
But if you are in my town
Perhaps I might cry
‘Cause when I meet you
I’m so fucking shy

And please don’t be shy too
‘Cause I could be a silent ghost
‘Cause I would regret all the miles
That I crossed
And I hope you’ll be my friends
But I don’t believe anymore
‘Cause when there is a hope
You always close up the door