Paroles officielles de la chanson «A Dream Or Two» : Francois Maurin

Compositeurs : Francois Maurin
Auteurs : Francois Maurin
Chanteurs : Francois Maurin
Éditeurs : Nouvelles Editions Francaises
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "A Dream Or Two"

We bump against each other
In abag of rats
But what do we find?
The times are getting rough and
You can feel that hate is all around

I think we'd rather take our leave
Me on an island, you in the woods
There's all the space and all the food!

I saw a man whose burden
Had him crushed against the pavement...lord!
The passers by didn't mind
And crossed his body like he was no more!
I'll never ever walk again-he said
'cause when you do, then, you can trust me...
There's always something that will make you fall

But with a dream or two,
And we will start again as if
The things that we've been promised would come true

One day i took a gun
And i began to shoot my fellows down
The mood was very strange
As you could hear the silence all around

I never saw teh sun again
But it didn't mind then
For this i knew
That prison or freedom can be the same